About Morena

For many of us, we shape our lives through individual self expression. Yet with millions of products out there, it's tough to find the ones that actually fit our personal needs.

Morena makes this process simple with personalized product recommendations.

Our Inspiration

In 2017, Jay Tolentino desperately scourged the web for swatches and reviews of a new foundation. After endless digging, she stumbled upon some "morena" YouTube videos.

In the Philippines, the term "morenx" describes naturally tan skin, in contrast to historically ideal fair skin. Recently, Filipinas began taking ownership over their tan complexion and sharing products on social media that embrace their natural skin tone. These posts helped Jay find other Filipinas giving the relevant, relatable info she'd been looking to make the right product choices.

Jay then realized why "morena" worked so well: personalization through community. Rather than evaluating paragraphs of random product reviews, we can embrace and utilize our unique attributes to find the most useful data.

She started Morena with fellow Filipina Frances to let people of all backgrounds easily find the right products for their individual needs.


Our Founders


Jay Tolentino

Jay leads the product development and vision of Morena. She spent 3 years as a software engineer at Nuzzel leading development on the Android app, voted one of the "Best Apps of 2016" by Google Play, New York Times, & Time Magazine.


Frances Chua

Frances connects brands on Morena with the right customers. She utilizes her half-a-decade of experience helping small businesses succeed as a strategist at Optikal, an LA-based marketing agency.


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